Adult Ministry

We believe that God has invited us to participate in God’s mission to redeem and restore the entire creation. Part of that involves our own personal journey of redemption, as God heals us from our brokeness that is a result of sin. However, another part of that is joining God in being a blessing to the rest of the world, inviting the world back to relationship with God. Because of this truth, adult ministry is focused on two main goals: encouragement and involvement.

Encouragement: Through women’s ministry, men’s ministry, small groups, Bible classes, and our Sunday gatherings, we try to encourage each member of GraceBridge in their personal journey with God.

Involvement: If we are to join God in what God is doing, we have to be involved in ministry. Some of that ministry is inside GraceBridge: such as serving in our children’s and youth ministries or at our Father’s Table ministry. However, we also recognize that God is doing wonderful things in our community. We encourage members to see where God is active around them and join God serving in those areas of need.

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