Deep - 2021

2021 Church Theme – Deep

Every year is a fresh start. 2020 was unlike anything we have ever experienced before, and while 2021 isn’t exactly a clean break from the past, it is a chance to start anew. 2020 was survival mode for many of us; we want more in 2021. We don’t just want a return to normal, however.

We learned in 2020 that we needed to make some changes to reorient our lives in the direction we long to aim toward; the ultimate goal we want for our lives. Thus, in 2021, we don’t want to just welcome back, start over, or even pick up where we left off. We want more. We want to go Deeper.

We want Deeper faith which helps us to withstand the storms of life. We want Deeper relationships, investing in friendships, which are not just surface level but are meaningful connections. We want Deeper reconciliation: with God, in relationships with family and friends, and in the wider community. We want Deeper unity, that is not based on agreeing on every issue but based on a commitment to remain in relationship when we inevitably disagree. We want and need Deeper love: resting in the love of the Triune God (Father, Son, and Spirit) and learning to share from God’s rich love for us so we can love our neighbors as ourselves. We pray we may challenge each other together to go Deeper in 2021.

Ways To Go Deep At GraceBridge.

Join a Small Group
Commit to Reading your Bible and Praying everyday
Become more involved with Father’s Table outreach
Volunteer with Young America Ministries
Get involved with non-profits in the community who are doing God’s work. Examples: Choices, Second Life, Room in the Inn, Community Kitchen, Ronald McDonald House, Inner City Ministry, Prison Outreach.
Volunteer in our Children’s Ministry
Join a Bible Study
Write an encouraging note to someone else every week.
Practice Hospitality with your neighbors
Intentionally develop a relationship with someone from a different culture
Start spiritual conversations with your coworkers or neighbors

Join a Small Group

Join a Small Group

Commit to Reading Your Bible and Praying Everyday

Volunteer with Father’s Table

Volunteer with Young America Ministries

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