Our Vision

The following is a collaboration of dreams and goals from church family members, leaders and ministry staff.


for Worship

“We seek to respond to God’s greatness and love that has been poured out for us, through diverse musical praise, meditation & study of biblical truths both in our congregational worship and in the worship of our daily lives.”

  • Continue to seek out and welcome new people to use their gifts/talents as it relates to music/song, drama, thoughts at the Lord’s Table, etc.
  • To allow freedom for God’s spirit to move through all avenues of our worship, once every two months we will have a Sunday that is different in structure (i.e. breakfast Sunday, all singing/praise Sunday, camp fire Sunday, etc.)
  • In order to foster authentic and supportive relationships in our community, we seek to have a time set aside for our church family to share ways that they see God working in their life or to share burdens they need help shouldering.
  • Offer a day dedicated solely to worship.
  • Worshiping through different modes of music (instrumental, accapella, duets, worshipping with other churches, etc.) on a quarterly basis.



for Prayer

“As a people of spiritual, physical, emotional and social need living in a fallen world coming together in our belief of Almighty God through the power of prayer, put all our trust in Him that we may come to know Him better. May we ask, listen, and receive, individually and communally, according to His goodness in Christ Jesus as we communicate and talk with Him.”

Prayer is an essential imperative for growth in the life of a believer and a community of believers- a solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God. It has been said that prayer is at root of, simply, paying attention to God and His work through his church.  In asking ourselves how we can best communicate with God for His glory and to fulfill the purposes of GraceBridge, we dream of the following: 

  • At specific times of gathering, worship, youth events, and ministry outreaches, we dream of having community members to be in active prayer as events are unfolding.
  • We seek to establish formalized avenues of sharing prayer requests through text messaging, mobile apps, social media and prayer request cards (available at the building from a prayer station or area designated as a “prayer room”). 
  • We would like to begin scheduling volunteers as they feel led to have a short time of prayer over the individuals participating in our Sunday morning worship Gatherings, beseeching God to bless, empower and welcoming the presence of the Holy Spirit as the messaged is shared and received. 
  • We dream of offering and hosting educational forums such as a prayer seminar and classes.  



for Community

“We seek to live out God’s vision for Christian community within our church family and our city by loving, encouraging and supporting one another in word and action.”

First Connections Ministry:

  • Create a visitor’s “station” with detailed information about how to get connected, the children’s program (including child registration), and monthly calendars of events.
  • Having volunteers who actively search for visitors to connect them with information needed and a family member to sit with if necessary on Sunday mornings.
  • Having volunteers to follow up with visitors the week following their attendance just to thank them for their visit and leave them with an open invitation to return.

The Young Moms Ministry:

  • Beginning in May and continuing through the summer months we will have a weekly activity for mothers planned for Tuesday mornings. Once a month we will have a “Moms Night Out” where we will have a devotional together.

Community Events:

  • Plan an “out of school” for summer event at the soccer field off of Shepherd Rd to connect with the community right next door, as well as offer 3-4 service projects throughout each month (1 large project and 2-3 smaller projects)


for Image Bearing

“As God’s Image Bearers, we seek to reflect God both in and outside the church, through seeking spiritual maturity, diversity, and by being good stewards of God’s Creation.”

Spiritual Maturity

  • We as GraceBridge seeks spiritual maturity by further diving into spiritual gifts through spiritual gift assessments and Sunday classes. We seek furthering our relationships through mentorship opportunities. We also seek spiritual maturity through communal practices and events like YARN.


  • GraceBridge desires to reflect the image of God’s Kingdom as a community. Our prayer is that we will be open to the true love, joy and hardship that comes with seeking diversity on all levels.


  • As Image Bearers we strive to be good stewards of God’s Creation to honor his craftsmanship and tend his Garden to the best of our earthly ability. We commit to reducing the amount of waste we produce and to recycle when available.

Grace Bridge

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